Our IT Business Ensures Your Growth

Our IT Business Ensures Your Growth

Your new business needs some IT expertise. Heck, it needs a small department of IT specialists to shepherd it through the network growth and increasing demands you’re expecting. The last thing you want is to be caught unprepared when traffic starts arriving.

Every fledgling entrepreneur is something of a jack-of-all-trades. Even so, if you’re not confident about your ability to assemble a well-rounded technical team, we’re ready to step in and offer one of ours. We’ve already done the work of putting together several, all standing at the ready. We bet at least one is the perfect fit for your business.

Fast and Competent But Never Underfoot

The minute you give the green light, your new team leaps to solve your network needs. They start by visiting your servers in person, checking over each one and installing our proprietary software. Once in place, that software allows them to monitor, tweak and update your networks from our 24-hour headquarters.

When you hire a Fox Technical Services IT team, all our assistance can be done remotely. You never have to find us office space, and we know that’s a bonus for many startups!

Always Ready to Share our Expertise

Not being on site never means we’re unavailable. Your contract includes unlimited consultations by email as well as generous telephone consultation time. Drop us a line day or night, or call us during business hours. We’re happy to answer questions about your current or planned configurations, operating capacities or anything else about your system’s capabilities. Helping you learn is part of our mission.

Ready for What You Need, When You Need It

Considering an expansion or transition? The team dedicated to your systems can be enlarged at a moment’s notice. Feel free to ask us for advice about what new expertise you may need.

When it’s time, your big leap to hiring on-site IT specialists is no problem either. We’ll travel to your sites to help train your new staff and ensure a smooth handover. Once they’re ready to stand on their own, our experts make sure our software disappears permanently from your systems. Even after we’ve left your premises, you’re guaranteed 60 days of post-contract consultation to cover any final questions.

At Fox Technical Services, we’re experts at helping you develop IT expertise. Let us help you flourish.…

The Role Of Help Desk Software In Customer Support

The Role Of Help Desk Software In Customer Support

The secretary’s laptop just stopped working. The developers want a new environment set up. Customers weren’t able to log in last night, and the boss wants to know exactly what happened when the calls came in. The requests are many and varied, but there is always a common theme to customer support in an IT department: I need it done, and I need it done quickly.

A well-run IT department responds to requests in a timely manner. The department can find information about reported problems quickly and easily. A manual approach to customer support requests is invariably is inadequate. Help desk software is a requirement for a busy IT department; there are simply too many ways that the request data is used.

While at Fox Technical Services we prefer Help Desk Premier, there are many products to choose from based on your needs.  A comprehensive list can be found at www.helpdesk.com.

- Request management: Multiple people are often needed for even a single ticket. As well, resolution can take place over days, sometimes even weeks. A full record of what has been done, and what has been discussed, must be available at each stage of resolution. A customer who is forced to repeat information, or resupply lost information, is not a happy customer.

- Status: Obviously, the status of requests must be available to the help staff. However, it also needs to be available to the person who submitted the request and to management. Additionally, different people need a different access level to the information. External customers need general status but not the detailed support notes, and management usually just needs summary status information about all of the tickets.

- Historical information: Many customer support issues recur. The ability to search and view past requests is incredibly helpful for IT staff.

- Analytic tools: IT management needs to be able to analyze the data in order to track and improve department performance. The time spent per ticket, the frequency of various types of issues, the number of currently unresolved tickets and their priorities are just a few examples of this.

- Notifications: Internal staff needs to be notified of incoming requests and status changes. Customers need to be notified when their request is moving through the system.

- Knowledge base: Many systems also include a knowledge base framework, which can be invaluable for help desk support. All of the commonly used help information can be input, and the support staff can search it quickly and efficiently.

Dedicated help desk software is the best way to manage IT support requests. These applications are designed to handle the myriad ways in which support tickets are used. They provide a clean and intuitive interface for every interested party. The IT department, the staff, the management team and the customers all benefit from up-to-date help desk software.